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The Adventure Of


Art, Design & Stationery • Quality Paper Goods • Designed and made in Australia

Artiste 1: Qui sommes-nous
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The traditional pattern of design in the sense of designing according to a plan, an intention or a design is then no longer respected. Functional sculpture can be produced in series when the sculptural object can become a unique piece. They seek to make their objects undecided.

Their production has been the subject of numerous exhibitions and collaborations such as Novembre MagazineCamperLab Paris, KruxAmsterdamISOamsterdamFracas gallery BrusselsUltratataneHyperalliancePanteros Media GalaxyBiennale de design graphique ChaumontFanfare AmsterdamRavisius TextorNXS WorldDe School, Le Trouble, Lente KabinetJonald Dudd New York

Artiste 1: Articles
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