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Laurene Guarneri


Laurène Guarneri is a designer based in Paris.
Graduated in master's degree from Ensapc (Fine Arts of Paris/Cergy), she decided to work mainly with glass and mirror. She creates her mirror brand in 2018.
All pieces are inspired by the fleeting and poetic moments of everyday life. She designs and realizes her creations in her atelier in the Orfevrerie, Saint-Denis.

Artiste 1: Qui sommes-nous
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The brand advocates a return to the sensitive and aims to create mirrors that become part of everyday life by bringing with them simplicity and poetry.The design draws its inspiration from a simple and refined aesthetic, stimulated by ephemeral moments of life, such as sunlight, the colors of the sky, the moments of rain ... The gaze is turned towards the fleeting beauty of the present and tends to contemplation.

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A curious observation frozen to be kept a little longer and to be mixed with our daily lives, our interiors, our moments of life, our privacy.

Each mirror is worked by hand and bears a personal imprint in its cut and aestheticism, giving each one a unique value.

Laurene Guarneri 

Artiste 1: Articles
Artiste 1: Articles
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