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Claire Normand


Claire Normand is a french lapidary artist and jewelry designer. After graduating from École Boulle (Paris), she learned jade carving technics with artists in China and New Zealand. She is making all her pieces by hand in her parisian workshop, from cutting the stones to its polishing, following traditional lapidary technics. 

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She exposes the beauty of the stones in their unique patterns and flaws. Her designs feature fine stones as well as hard stones rarely used in jewelry such as marble or flinstone. She wants to free the stones from calibrated templates and heavy settings by cutting bold and asymetric shapes.Against mass production with automatic renewal, Claire Normand is only producing unique pieces and very limited series. This way, respect is given to the precious natural material carved with care, providing craftmanship quality pieces. 

Artiste 1: Qui sommes-nous
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Artiste 1: Articles

Credits Anatole Chartier

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