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Christine Hechinger


Born in 1981 in Schärding, Austria. Studied Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design Linz (Austria) and at Karlsruhe University for Arts and Design (Germany). Internships with the designer duo BLESS in Berlin and STEFAN DIEZ in Munich. A freelance designer and company name as CHRISTINE HECHINGER since 2011.

Artiste 1: Qui sommes-nous

According to the designer's philosophy, again old items become objects of modern design. In this transformation, various products of glass, like vases, bottles, étagères or bowls made of high-quality leaded crystal are refined using a special metal lamination. Through this special procedure the crystal's original cutting is highlighted and the glass' texture is revealed even more. Beautiful colour gradients then decorate these objects, let them shine in new splendour and in the full range of colours.

Each product of the OPAL collection is a unique piece of art.

Artiste 1: Articles
Artiste 1: Articles
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