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Asa Jungnelius


Åsa Jungnelius is a visual artist (MFA) and a Lecturer at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, based in Stockholm and Månsamåla. Her work is often material-related and goes from interiors to monumental formats where our bodies’ relations, the objects we surround them with and the rooms they act in together are investigated through a material language. The constant positing of material in the intersection of economy, ecology and the social describes the preconditions for the time in which we live.

Artiste 1: Qui sommes-nous

The objects become a sort of fetish of ourselves as individuals and our contemporary condition. Jungnelius is Artistic Director of Residence-In-Nature  and works on a public artwork, The Seashell, for the extension of the Stockholm metro (2016). Her work has been exhibited at Tensta Konsthall (2007) Crystal (2011), Norrköpings konstmuseum (2011), Kalmar konstmuseum (2013), Pera Museum Istanbul ( 2014),Dunkers Kulturhus (2017)Chamber Gallery NY (2017) and as site-specific work in Hötorgshallen commissioned by the City of Stockholm (2013), Jungnelius was from 2007 to 2013 designer at Kosta Boda. She was part of founding WeWorkInA FragileMaterial (2003-2010) and today runs LAST.


(Swedish: freight, burden, vice)

A collaboration between Asa JungneliusGustaf Nordenskiöld and Fredrik Paulsen .

As long as there is water* to drink, there will be cups to drink from. But the variation in form these cups can take is virtually limitless. In today’s globalized world, how can we produce products of flesh and blood? Products made with care, that are built to be used for a long time? Can artists and designers circumvent the corporate hierarchy of mass production and instead manufacture objects themselves?

The concept behind LAST is simple: purchase an object directly from its maker. No intermediaries, long journeys, questionable materials or sweatshop labour. All of the products in the LAST collection are handmade by the artist in his or her studio.

LAST is a pop-up experience, a shop that can appear anywhere, be it an interior design shop, a gallery, online, or outdoors. It’s a traveling design experience: while the shop’s essential structure remains the same no matter where it pops up, each iteration includes a unique design element to give it a distinct identity.

The LAST line is comprised of customized, one-of-a-kind pieces that collectively suggest integrity and the ability to last a long time. Not only are the products sustainable, but they work together to promote design that is slower, more personal, and more thoughtful. A LAST that will last.

Artiste 1: Articles
Artiste 1: Articles
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