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About Us



Who's who?

Carole Hours is a stylist, trendsetter, creative director and consultant for trend offices and many brands for the last 12 years.

Frans McCabe, his best partner in crime, co-founder, and creative director at Rosbeef!. He is a Scottish born in Stockholm, and has lived in more than 389 countries in the world. Ok we exaggerate a little bit but it bang no?

Ouhlala, is an online gallery / boutique supporting artists and designers who work to shake up and sublimate our daily lives, by offering unique pieces of their kind, between art and design.

The concept: to allow everyone to have ones unique and singular pieces that will illuminate your interiors.

“Ouhlala” evokes surprise, wonder, fascination, emotion, embarrassment too. And offers works that provide emotions, sensations and reactions.

She likes experimental craftsmanship, contrasts, mixtures, the unexpected, the strange. He likes when it swings, twirls, surprise, and touch. They find beauty in all things and by affinities, meetings and groupings, they offer a selection of brands / artists / singular craftsmen, chosen not by formalism but by reflections and emotions, just between Art, the design and mass distribution.

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